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Flip Book Photobooth Do you

Flip Book Photobooth
Flip Photobooth

Remember those books or notebooks that you made or created with cartoons and that when flipping through them quickly simulated movement? This time we present you something similar but adapted to photography so that any event you wish to perform the best and exclusive souvenir, with our Flip Book Photobooth.

A Flip Book Photo booth is a printed book that contains images in series that vary gradually from one page to another and that when browsing it plays or represents the reproduction of a video. Generally people record a 6-second video or simply stand in front of thescreens Fiesta Photobooth and make any expression you like like jumping, dancing, performing body or facial expressions and then our team will give you a printed flip book of more than 60 pages with the animation of the best images in a short time, so you can enjoy and share where and with whom you want.

We have the best fun for our customers as far as photography is concerned, we give you excellent animated photographs that you can share on your social networks. Our clients can also have their own movie, if as you read it Hollywood style, you can drive a car, fly an airplane, surf, whatever you like, we put the video and the personalized musical background.

By hiring our services you have:

- Unlimited Flip Books
- Assistant on-site
- Personal gallery online
- Unlimited downloads

We are leader in Photobooth, nationally recognized for their great work, among which highlights Weddings, birthdays and events of any kind.

Live and make your guests live a unique experience with our services. For more information contact us through our social networks, contact phone, online chat or our contact form.
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For more than 10 years we have provided entertainment and good memories to our clients in the celebration of their events. Because a picture is worth a thousand words we give you the opportunity to take and share your stories and emotions with images of excellent quality.

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