Friday, September 7, 2018

Green Screen

Green Screen
Green Screen

The green screen effect is one of the most used techniques by the big producers of film, theater, television, photography and video. Undoubtedly has generated wonderful and unique experiences loaded with technology and innovation as it allows to capture images of some person or object and then extract them and place the desired background easily and thus give a real impression that the subject in question is in that place.

With the arrival of current technology, this magic is not only present in the big Hollywood producers but is accessible to any user who so wishes. That is why at Fiesta Photobooth, we work intensely to meet the needs of our customers, taking into account the latest technology to provide exclusive and unrepeatable moments in the most varied way possible and aimed at all types of audiences. Not only can you see impressive effects in the movies, but you yourself will be the protagonist of your own story.

Now you will have the opportunity to be in the most remote places on the planet, at the lowest cost and the best without the need to move from the country.

If you want to perform a thematic event? You have reached the exact place. We are here to transport you to the space or place you like without traveling to it. We have the best techniques and equipment of last generation to meet your needs.

Our work includes:

• Staff to assist guests during the event.
• Unlimited photos and Impressions.
• Impressions on the site, are delivered instantly.
• Green Screen background at your choice.
• Event logo printed on each of the photos or text of your choice.
• DVD with all the photos taken.
• Professional team.
• Professional impressions.

We also cover for companies, in which we place your business name, logo and whatever else you like.

If you want personalized attention you can contact us through our communication channels. You can also see our packages here.
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For more than 10 years we have provided entertainment and good memories to our clients in the celebration of their events. Because a picture is worth a thousand words we give you the opportunity to take and share your stories and emotions with images of excellent quality.

You can contact us through our different communication channels: Contact number, Social Networks, Contact Form and for a more direct communication, through our online chat, our team will kindly respond to your concerns and after an agreement we will be in the place set with our best human and technical resource.

We are constantly evolving to provide the best to our customers and due to the acceptance obtained we grow as professionals thanks to you and that is why we are motivated to expand our market, including fantastic photographs in step and repeat guaranteeing a very good red carpet, or presentation to the press, now with new equipment you have at your disposal photographs with our magic mirror where you can make endless customizations, our book of photographic animations and much more.

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